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Canon R5 + EF-RF Adapter

If you're looking for an amazing camera, that's portable, lightweight and takes amazing photos, then this camera will be a great fit for your arsenal. I won't bore you with all of the specs that are usually mentioned, but just know that the camera is very fast in continuous shooting mode, the autofocus is amazing in photo and video mode and their bluetooth function allowing you to take and transfer photos through their app is clutch! 


And I know you're wondering, if it's so great, then why sell right? Well, I've been able to create some amazing images and capture some really great footage over the past couple years, but I've decided to now upgrade, so I don't plan on having it sitting around collecting dust. 


As you can see in the photos, I've really taken amazing care of the camera. There's no scratches on the sensor, the body isn't dinged up, the bottom of the camera isn't scratched from tripod plates and the top screen and rear monitor have always been covered with a screen protector, so it looks great as well.


In addition, I'll also be adding a EF to RF adapter and it comes with one canon LP battery with the sale.


*All sales are final and shipping is a flat rate of $25 and will include tracking and insurance. If you're local to Atlanta and surrounding areas, you can pick up the item and remove the $25 fee. Please reach out if you're local to have the rate adjusted.


If you'd like to read all the specs on the R5, you can view them by clicking HERE

Canon R5 + EF-RF Adapter

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