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Teach Me How To Edit

A beginner editing course that will LEVEL UP your editing skills and digital content!​


Use code "Edit150" for $150 Off Regular Price

Parallel Lines

you just think it is!"

"Editing isn't difficult,

Learn All Of This!

This course is PACKED WITH GOODIES to help you start your editing journey!

  • How to categorize folders for editing sessions

  • Sequence layout, sizes and dimensions

  • How to import files and using the project bin

  • Cutting, cropping, rotating, scaling & more!

  • Adding effects and saving custom presets

  • Adding audio files and adjusting detailed settings

  • Color correction and grading processes

  • Exporting your film and saving presets

Enroll TODAY,
Get $150 Off!


Regular Price

Use code "Edit150" for $150 Off Regular Price

Course Curriculum

15 lessons // 3+ hours of video content

Welcome Everybody!

Making folders and categorizing files

Opening Premiere 2023

Opening Premiere & Creating Sequence Presets

Importing Files & The Project Bin

Moving, Cutting & Arranging Files

Scaling, Rotating & More!

How To Add & Customize Effects

Audio: Adding Files & Adjusting Effects

Text: Adding Files, Effects, Colors & More!

Color: Correction & Grading

Exporting Your Video

Thank You!

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