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A course to help LEVEL UP your audio and visual production

Are my [Audio + Visuals] that bad?

If you're here, you've come to the conclusion that you're serious about enhancing your audio and visuals within your company or brand and you need just a little help to get things on track. Don't feel bad! We've all been there and have tried everything we could to get it right, but for some reason, we continue to miss the target. And yes, you might have one of the best phones on the market, but let's be honest...YOU NEED IT TO SOUND + LOOK BETTER!



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Regardless of your situation, having a polished sound and look is more important that you think! Majority of you have your content information down, but if you're honest with yourself...the one place you're falling short is the quality of your [Audio + Visuals]. Yes, your cell phone might be working for your situation, but just imagine if the quality of your [Audio + Visuals] matched the quality of that amazing content you’re already would be so much easier to get people to buy in! 


And that's where the "Better Audio, Better Visuals" course comes in!

Coach Sean, to the rescue!

Let me explain something...Coach to Coach...

The Map to "Better Audio + Better Visuals"


Part 1: Cameras

What Camera To Choose?

Learn about two beginner and pro options to assist you when choosing a camera system that best fits your needs.


Part 2: Lenses

What Lens To Choose?

Learn about two beginner and pro options, as well as focal lengths to assist you with achieving the look you're going for.


Part 3: Camera Settings

How To Setup The Camera

Learn about the three most important camera settings when operating a camera, as well as the best settings for streaming.


Part 4: Audio

What Mic To Choose & Setup

Learn about audio levels, mic positioning and how to edit your vocals to achieve a better quality sound in your films.


Part 5: Lighting

What Light To Choose & Setup

Learn about two beginner and pro options, as well as light placement and intensity.


Part 6: Recording+Broadcasting

What Audio Interface To Choose

Learn about the best recording and broadcasting software system that will become your one-stop station to house everything you'll need.


Part 7: Studio Decor

Where To Find Studio Items

Learn about the best stores and sites to browse for office decor items, as well as the best color palettes to use for your setup.

Vintage Camera

This course is for you if... 

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You're looking to enhance your audio and visuals for your brand

You're in search of a camera solution, other than your phone

You need help with setting and adjusting your camera settings 

You need your audio to sound better and need to know what to purchase

You want your Zoom and Live Shows to standout

You're in search for a lighting setup 

You're trying to figure out what software is best for broadcasting

You need help with ideas for your home studio

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Thanks for submitting!

"Better Audio + Better Visuals"

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